MBA of Alabama Committees

MBA of Alabama Committee Chairs


The Education Committee provides members with an ongoing source of educational opportunities based on today’s industry standards. The Committee selects the topics, moderators and speakers for educational classes offered at the monthly luncheons and the annual convention. The committee works with the vice president in coordinating the education sessions with the selection of speakers for monthly luncheons.

The Education Committee is responsible for obtaining and maintaining approved education provider status with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. In addition, the committee facilitates the submission of education courses to the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System for review and evaluation to receive approval for the SAFE Act Licensing Agreement.


The Communications/Social Media Committee, established July 2013, consists of all board members, which also serve as board liaisons to the existing MBAA committees. This committee will be responsible for keeping members informed of all current events, announcements, items of interest within the industry, news items from each committee, including items of “What’s Happening” currently in the Association as well as other mortgage related events. The role of the board liaison will be keeping the committee chair informed so the items can be posted on Social Media section of the MBAA website. The committee will also post press releases and newsletter items.


The goal of the Financial Literacy Committee is to help students be informed and aware of the financial consequences of their life choices. The Committee utilizes a variety of educational materials and makes presentations in the classroom to hundreds of Alabama students each year.

The Committee has recently partnered with Alabama Jump$tart Coalition in order to expand its reach. Committee members continue to partner with Alabama teachers in the classroom, while volunteering their time at education and financial literacy events throughout the State.


The committee establishes criteria and develops materials needed for the future leaders program. The committee selects candidates each year from applications submitted by members and also recruits mentors from MBAA past officers and directors to work with the future leaders throughout the year. The committee plans education sessions with mentors and/or instructors to help the future leaders to learn about the operations of the MBAA.


The committee promotes and prepares for both the annual fall golf tournament and convention golf tournament. The committee chair selects golf trophies and gifts for dignitaries for each event. The committee helps with registration at each event. The committee chair is also instrumental in planning and facilitating the president’s dinner prior to the convention.


The committee is responsible for getting volunteers to handle registrations at all events. This committee also works with the recreation and convention committee in coordinating the entertainment and volunteers for each occasion.


The Legislative/PAC Committee strives to keep members informed on industry related legislation. The Committee assists the Association in the review and analysis of federal and state legislative and regulatory issues and changes. The committee chair works with the membership in understanding of the legislative process when these issues arise.


The membership committee solicits and encourages companies in the mortgage industry, as well as related businesses, for membership and participation in the MBAA. The members of the Membership Committee are responsible for coordinating with the Recreation and Golf Committee in planning social gatherings to encourage membership. The chairman of the committee submits new membership applications to the board of directors for review and consideration and recognizes all new members at MBAA events.


The Scholarship Committee manages the scholarship qualifications program for the yearly scholarship awards, verifies qualifications and selects the yearly scholarship winners. The scholarship committee organizes fund raisers for the scholarship fund throughout the year.


Chair: Oversees entire convention. Financial Chair: Assists the convention chair in raising money for the convention by attaining sponsorships and exhibits. Facility Operations: Works with the convention venue in securing rooms, menus, signs, sound systems, and equipment needed for each education session, etc. Education: Attains speakers, moderators and topics for education sessions. Golf & Recreation: Schedules and oversees entertainment for the convention, including the golf tournament preceding the convention. Exhibit Hall: Works with convention servicers, audio and video servicers, and facility representatives to set-up location of each booth. Hospitality: Helps with set-up and registrations for convention and golf and also gets volunteers to assist in the MBAA Booth.